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Welcome to Pepita Power! I’m Chef Rouge, and I created this recipe collection to serve as an introduction to cooking with pepitas. What are pepitas? The term “pepita” refers to a pumpkin seed without the shell. Pepitas are highly nutrient dense, incredibly versatile in culinary applications, widely available, affordable, and sustainable. By making the recipes in this book, you will learn a variety of ways to use pepitas to replace milk, cream, cheese, ground meat, and eggs.

My notes about the recipes:

  • The Pepita Tacos are incredible.
  • The Pepita Meat/Taco Meat makes a perfect replacement for ground meat.
  • Most recipes require a blender, a stove, and/or an oven.
  • All Recipes are Whole food Based, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, & Refined Sugar Free* *Depending on what kind of chocolate chips you use in the brownies
  • The recipes are not oil free - all can be made oil free except the aioli
  • The recipes tend to be light on salt, add salt to your personal taste.
  • The Quiche is bangin.
  • The Meatloaf isn't super meaty.
  • The Omelet makes an awesome sushi filling.
  • Make the taco filling in large batches, it freezes well.
  • The Brownies are scrumptious.
  • Pepita Milk is awesome in coffee.

The Pepita Power is yours!



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